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You’re probably wondering who these folks are. Well, it’s my band, called Until The Wind Shifts. And we need your help. Were trying to get our music to your ears so that you can have something new and fresh to enjoy. But, it’s also so that you can have something positive to reflect on and make you think. Plus, it’s pretty creative stuff that you can tap your toes, bang your head, and mosh to. But that all starts with YOU, the reader of this. Whether it’s forwarding this group of photos or liking the facebook page, it all starts with you. We have some of our music coming out real soon and opening for some pretty hype shows. So, thanks for reading this. 

If this interests you, or maybe you have some suggestions/questions, just get into contact with us. We sincerely want to make the world a little better anyway we can. And were working hard to make it happen, but it’s all up to you now. :) There’s the page.

Thanks friends, 

We hope to see you soon. :)


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